immo1click - an idea, born out of own experience! 
Selling or renting out real estate without internet is no longer feasible nowadays. Therefore it is of utmost importance that your property is listed in as many real estate web sites as possible! - and this is exactly the service we offer! 
Since 1980 we have been active in the Real-Estate sector and during those years we have been listing thousands of properties in Real Estate Databases! I certainly don’t reveal any secret when I tell you that more than once we have been close to despair::
Please enter your phone-number .. rejected ... please note the entry form ... we are sorry, you are logged out, please start again! ... 

I am convinced that everyone who has dealt with on-line Databases knows the helplessness and party rage it causes when something again doesn’t work, has been rejected and a red exclamation mark appears!
Due to this experience, we have founded immo1click for you! To save you from helplessness, despair, anger and the: ... for pete’s sake, how does this work...!

We list your property advert into relevant national and international databases!
You just have to send us once the details of the property, photos and video link (e.g. Youtube), and we? we correct your photos if necessary, translate the description, enter the data correctly, store your advert with relevant keywords to enable search and list your ad in three different languages in the Real Estate databases - and this for only 39,- Euro (incl 21 % VAT) per month! Save up lots of Euro per month compared with individual adverts! 
All requests from potential buyers or tenants will be forwarded directly to you – it cannot get any easier! so - save money, time and - agent fees! 

If you have remaining questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!
with sunny regards, Sabine Wesseln

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We make changes in your advert free of charge- a short email and please don’t forget to mention the advert number.
Cancelation of contract: you can always give notic
e as from the first day of the following month.

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